Open Arms Home Daycare - Owner/Childcare Provider: Jennifer Anger/Butler
*  Open Arms Home Daycare is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  I provide breakfast, lunch, milk, afternoon snack and water for the children. I also provide mats for the children to sleep on and pack and plays for the infants to sleep in.
*   For a full time spot, the cost is $225.00 per week for each child.
*   For a part time spot, the cost is $60.00 per day for each child.
     The first and last week's tuition is due on Thursday the week before the child starts. Then tuition is due every Thursday to pay for the following week. Tuition may be paid by cash or check only. You can make checks payable to Jennifer Butler.
      Refunds are not given for illness or other absences (including closed holidays).
                     HOLIDAYS DAYCARE IS CLOSED:
                        1. New Year's Day
                        2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
                        3. President's Day
                        4. Good Friday
                        5. Patriot's Day
                        6. Memorial Day
                        7. Independence Day
                        8. Labor Day
                        9. Columbus Day
                       10. Veteran's Day
                       11. Thanksgiving Day and the Day After Thanksgiving
                       12. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
                        PARENTS NEED TO PROVIDE:
                             * formula (premade in bottles)
                                    * sippy cups
                                    * diapers and wipes
                                    * bibs
                                    * sheets and blankets
                                    * school bag to transport belongings to and from school  
                           * extra change of season appropriate clothing
           BE LABELED!***
                           SCHEDULE FOR A TYPICAL DAY
   7:00-8:30         Drop Off/ Free Play/Clean Up
   8:30-9:00         Breakfast/Clean Up/Bathroom
   9:00-9:15         Circle Time (Stories, Songs, etc.)
   9:15-9:30         Diapers
   9:30-10:00        Manipulatives (Blocks, Puzzles, Books, etc.)
   10:00-10:30      Art Activity/Clean Up/Bathroom
   10:30-11:15      Outside Play
   11:15-11:30      Play Activity/Songs
   11:30-12:00      Lunch
   12:00-12:15      Bathroom and Diapers
   12:15-12:45      Books/Quiet Time/Music
   12:45-3:00       Nap/Rest Time
   3:00-3:15         Clean Up/Diapers/Bathroom
   3:15-3:30         Snack
   3:30-4:00         Music/Blocks/Cars and Trains/Balls/Clean Up
   4:00-4:45         Outside Play/Walk
   4:45-5:00         Clean Up/Pick Up
   * This is a general schedule and may vary from day to day.
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